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Charles Latham's Gardens of Italy: From the Archives of "Country Life" см Иллюстрации Автор Helena Attle инфо 5461g.

In the spring of 1903, "Country Life's" first staff photographer, Charles Latham, set off from London's Victoria station with his large-format camera and several boxes of fragile glass negatives bounаусфшd for Rome He spent the months that followed photographing some of Italy's finest historic gardens In all, Latham photographed thirty-seven gardens, and his powerfully evocative pictures were published by "Country Life" in 1905 in two volumes under the titlбдйбшe of "The Gardens of Italy", with a text by the well known contemporary garden writer, Evelyn March Phillipps Latham's photographs were immediately acclaimed and the images are characteristic of his work in their exceptional clarity As a result of the political turmoil that overtook Italy in the nineteenth century, many of the gardens had already fallen into a state of picturesque decrepitude; others, around Florence, had been taken over by English and American expatriatesбоуяч and were in the process of restoration But even though some of the aristocratic owners and their gardeners might have gone, the elaborate architecture, statuary and ingenious waterworks which Renaissance designers so admired remained largely intact and were brilliantly captured in all their faded magnificence by Latham's camera Today, many of these gardens have vanished, destroyed by social upheaval and war, though a few were painstakingly restored in the post-war years Charles Latham's outstanding compositions bear testament to the rich heritage of some of Italy's great gardens in the golden age just before the First World War The 200 superbly reproduced photographs are accompanied by Helena Attlee's incisive commentary on twenty-one of these magnificent Renaissance and Baroque gardens Helena Attlee has made Italy and its gardens her special subject for over twenty years A leading authority on garden history, she writes for a range of journals and magazines, lecturesбсэдм widely, and leads specialist tours to Italy, France and Portugal She is the author of several books, including "Italian Gardens", "A Cultural History" (2006) Формат: 25,5 см x 31,5 см Иллюстрации Автор Helena Attle.